How to stretch


After stretching, you should remain in movement for about 15 minutes. The relaxation exercises may be similar to those that you have already done, but at a lower intensity. The basic principle is regularity - these exercises should be done 4-7 times a week.


1. As you sit straight, pull the legs bent at the knees to your chest, bend the body slightly to the right and to the left (approx. 1 minute).

2. As you sit straight, place the right leg bent at knee on the left straightened leg. Press the knee to the left side with your left hand - 8 times, the same for the other leg.

3. Standing position - hip rotations in both direction - 15 REPETITIONS each.

4. Standing position - bend your right knee backwards, with the knees touching. Raise your left hand and grab your right foot with your right hand – hold on for 10 seconds, then change legs.